All the videos are about my work and it's process.

The first video was produced by the Rappahannock Alliance for the Arts and Community.  It showcases some of the work by the artists that live in Rappahannock, and interviews of the artists as well.  I talk about my series "Outcry."   


The second and fourth were produced by Gail Prensky.  She's the producer and director of The Jüdische Kulturbund Project, which engages the power of art and music as a healing device to connect people and transcend the differences and barriers between them. She was interested in my series "In Memoriam", regarding my family's history with the Holocaust; "Light Motives", the series that emerged from that; and "Outcry," my commentary about our times. 


The third video was produced by the Galicia Jewish Museum while I was having a show there in combination with the Jewish Community Center, both in Krakov, Poland. The show was called "Coming Full Circle", as Krakov was the place my parents came from.