Video Number 1: Of Darkness and Light 

Curated by Aneta Georgievska-Shine.  Images from the span of Margot's life and career with commentary by Ms. Georgievska-Shine.  The Art Museum of the Americas. May 19, 2022.

Video Number 2: Creative Quest. Artists from the Holocaust's Second Generation

How our family background influenced our work.  Due to technical issues, during the first 2+ minutes there is audio but no video of my talk on that subject.  HCC Jewish Group. Produced by Coos Hamburger. March 22, 2022. 

Video Number 3:  Margot Neuhaus, Guest Artist, Kultur Stories  

"A cultural exchange program virtually connecting young people around the globe — to build awareness of human rights through creative expression".  I talk about my background and its effect on my work.  Produced by The Judische Kulturbund Project. March 10, 2021.


Video Number 4:  Meet the Artists.  

Interviews of artists from Rappahannock County, Virginia. I talk about "Outcry", my painting series . Produced by the Rappahannock Associaltion for the Arts and Community, (RAAC). September, 2020.

Video Number 5: Margot 2018.  The opening of the exhibition "Coming Full Circle ''.

It comprised two series, "In Memoriam", at the Jewish Community Center and "Light Motives" at the Galicia Jewish Museum, both in Krakow, Poland. Produced by the Galicia Jewish Museum, November, 2018.


Video Number 6: Coming Full Circle. 

On creating the work and preparing for the namesake exhibition that was shown in Krakov, Poland, the land of my parents. It honors the victims of the Holocaust, including my family. Meteopa Productions, 2018


Video Number 7: Margot S. Neuhaus.  Artist. 

On making "Outcry".  Produced by Gail Presnsky. 2017 Meteopa Productions.