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Adriana Bianco, Art Critic. FotoMundo, Argentina

"'Neuhaus belongs to the club of solitary artists like Morandi, Giacometti, Hopper, O'Keefe, who follow their internal voices, rather than prevailing styles or trends....there is a unifying minimalist undercurrent throughout the different stages.....her work sustains mystery and revelation."

Mary McCoy, Art Critic. Washington Review

The quest for order and structure is Margot S. Neuhaus' theme. Whether chipping a circle into flagstone or exploring the logic of parallel lines (like interstate highways) traced across small slabs of stone, it is the quest itself that is the subject...Neuhaus presents the entire process with straightforward, refreshing simplicity, as evidence of the flux of life.  

Donald Kuspit, Art Historian, Art critic. 

First rate work. Particularly liked the wood and stone pieces. Great dignity, authority. Appreciate and admire the sensitivity  in the paper works and photographs. Delicate and intense at once. Spiritual, yes......

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